Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunday Comics Jan 18 2015


Copperhead 05

I've been honestly enjoying Copperhead but with issue 5 and the end of the first story arc I can say I love this comic, Jay Farber, Godlewski,Riley and Mauer have proven that my instincts and the blurbs about this were right. Copperhead has a much more nuanced story then it seems at the outset and does live up to the expectations I would have if someone told me it was an homage to the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers mixed with a whole lot of the feeling of David Milch's amazing western Deadwood. Given Farber only has twenty some odd pages a month to build this story he has done a marvelous job in revealing what's behind the curtain of his story and the payoff in issue five for all the forsahdowing and tension of the first four is very satisfying. They have built up a lot of depth in the cast so far and I would say again its a great companion sci if drama to Saga. Bravo. Pretty much five stars...

Shutter #8

Two for two in the image front this week as Joe Keating and Leila de Luca deliver another great and revelatory issue of Shutter. Between issues 7 and 8 Kate has her memories and knowledge of her family with her as only child shaken and shattered when she meets not just a younger brother but a homocidal older sister and possibly more. This issue exposes more of the family history she does not recall or never knew nor thought about. This issue opens with a two page newspaper comic strip like montage that is all about the Cat Clock and is prett inventive in the way that it uses recognizable strips to tell the story crossing from one strip to another. Some of the best bits in this issue are the little details like how even the cover is a part of the overall story and introduces someone who I think will turn out ot be impotant. I'd say four to four and a half stars


Rat Queens: Braga special 1

Out of all the great the background characters in Rat Queens Braca of the Peaches is pretty much my favorite or she's even with the group the four Daves but that could be because of that old Kids in the Hall sketch (these are the Dave's I know.. Look it up). I'd compares this to Conan in my pull list post and that rung pretty true in that there is a whole lot of violence in this issue with an Orc vs Orc dispute but there is also some very interesting personal things revealed and I love some of the possible implications and developments in this issue. This story happens right after the events of issue five and it appears lots of characters were blowing off some steam that night. Tess Fowler does a pretty great job illustrating this sort of origin story and I hope we will see her work again given how well this special came out. Braga has gained a lot of depth with this story and well hefully see more of her past.... Four to four and a half stars...


Lady Gaga