Saturday, June 6, 2009

change it is a coming

Hey everybody (tm - JC Hutchins - Personal Effects D.A. comes out this tuesday)

Just wanted to blog about the day and try to make a habit of it for once.....

The news - I am not only out of the job/home hell that has plagued me this last year - hence no progress on any thing other then completing NANOWriMO - my partner and I actually have a home - so no homeless treking around the north west while our stuff is in storage.... some thing to be happy about at least

On to todays activities...

I went to the Rudy Rucker reading at borderlands (check their calander if you are or will be int the SF area) today and that was a great time - it pretty much is always a good time going there to see an author wether I am truly a fan or even just familiar with their work. I have been faminiar with his work since the days of cyberpunk being the buzz word of the genre.

If yo are unfamiliar with his work he has been writing in the genre since the mid 80's (I believe) and has written in various of the sub-genres including cyberpunk, steampunk and most recently singuliterrian (bad speller I am). Hearing him read his work and talk about his life as a writer was a pleasure and a great way to spend a nice san francisco afternoon. He read from his new book Hylozoic from somewhere about 2/3rds the way through; I expected something strange and interesting but witty and laugh out loud funny I was not. He is really a great presenter and that may come from having been teaching for 20+ years in math, computer science and philosophy (makes me wish I could have been a student of his). Though the book from his description to get us up to speed has lots of big ideas in it gleaned from science and the concept of hylozoic the book sounds to be about the lives of his characters wether they be human of alien pitchforks that have a deep south accent (I will miss his voice for the characer whe I read the copy I got)

the reading was something that I had said that I would want to go to but would not be unhappy to miss - well - I am really glad I went and - well - I did want to go - my intuition even made my feel it would be a good Idea.....

Things are looking up ---- I just need to see it more often....

thanks if you are reading this and let me know what you think if you do

take care

oh yeah I did want to post a link to the free download version of Postsingular the book that Hylozoic is a sequel to

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