Monday, December 8, 2008

Keeping me sane.....

This will be my first real post talking about the podcasts that are as the topic states keep me sane in addition to a short story about how I got interested in this whole podcasting thing in the first place. 

In the spring of 2007 I had yet to listen to this thing called a podcast in anything other then a passing curiosity. Working at the time at Privateer Press I gave the Warmachine/Hordes podcast - Fell Calls - and found that I enjoyed it but was not really called to listen more then just in passing.  Then one of my fellow employees mentioned that he was listening to a short science fiction story podcast called Escapepod and that it was a great way to pass the time in the repetive job he did in the company. 

I was curious but for some reason did not look into it just yet. Ogre then told me about there were some really good gaming podcasts that were out there too - I think he mentioned the Sons of Kryoss but I dont really recall. It had been years since I had gamed in anyway other then miniature wargames and had the urge to get back in somehow. 

I don't recall how I got from what he mentioned to Voice of the Revolution it may haver been that I had found IPR since I had just found the game Burning Wheel; but this one fine show really got the ball rolling. My girlfriend was house sitting at the time and the voices  that came over the Ipod and the computer speakers became my temporary companions. They joined me on the bus they kept me company when the amount of conversation was curtailed at work, they joined me for coffee in the morning and well entertained me a lot too. The list the follows are the game related casts that lead me into new media in the order that I recall hearing about them and adding them to my podcatcher.....

2D6 Feet in a Random Direction
Sons of Kryoss (first heard about but it took me a while to listen.)
Have Games will Travel
Fear the Boot

Ogre definitely clued me into:
Theory from the Closet
Dragons Landing.....
Durham 3

Now these were all well and good - it made me feel connected to the RPG game world and got me enthused about gaming again. I stared to listen to Escapepod too and really took a liking to it and its sister cast Pseudopod (I have been a horror fan since the 80's and my enjoyment of HP Lovecraft.... )
but ...... durring the winter slump I ran out of new things to listen to and through searching for Michael Moorcock info on google I found an interview on ...Adventures in Sci Fi publishing...and that is where the addiction really kicked in.....because I began to listen through Shaun's catalogue of great interviews I heard the one with Scott Sigler (hello FDO) and JC Hutchins ('hutchinsssss' copyright sigler) and if you are unfamiliar with then and you like suspence and great storytelling you must check them out. Needless to say I was hooked...yes i am a dirty junkie (co sigler) and a beta clone like so many others out here I suspect. 

Listening to the chitter chat that they had before the episode or after along with their interviews (thanks Hutch) found more great content from people like Mur Lafferty, Jered Axelrod, Seth Harwood, Matt Wallace, Phil Rossi, Christiana Ellis to name just a few and it spreads in ripples from there - the more you listen to the more great content I find......I could keep naming them here but I will just direct you to the right column for the ear candy and encourage you to give a try to them......

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Heee! Thanks for mentioning my work in your awesome post. Beta Clone Junkies rock!


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