Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Canadian goodness

A quick shout out to the two Toronto-ites, guys from Toronto that help keep me from losing my mind....

I need to write a full review about the stories they are spinning but they are worth your time and harddisk/flash drive space

First to JJ Melzer and his story The Zombie Chronicles.....I'm still working on some fan fiction for him.....His take on zombie fiction has gotten me back into horror films and is keeping me coming back for more....cant wait to see the book in print

And secong James Melzer turned me onto a cool urban fantasy huckster tale in Lost Gods by Drew Beatty.....think the atmosphere of Neil Gaiman mixed with the street sense Jim Butcher and you have the right Idea....

anyhow check them out and let me know your reading....I'm trying to get better at posting.....

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drewbeatty said...

Hey, thanks for the mention - sorry I have not responded earlier, James just tipped me on to this site!

I hope you are still enjoying Lost Gods, only 5 more episodes remain.

Take Care,


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