Monday, March 30, 2009

Why have I been so lax in posting


If you look at the dates it has been a loooooong time since I posted and I feel that I should say what is going on if there is anyone that looks at this other then JC Hutchins (seems if he gets a mention he will check things out and he is such a cool guy he actually posts a thanks.) I should let you in on my laziness of late......

The last 6 months I have been working in a "labor for rent" situation that really seemed a whole lot more positive then it has turned out. I have plenty of free time but spend the great majority of it complaining about the employers and the work environment. I do have the free time to practice writing and do a podcast but am often too depressed to care about these things or too angry that I have been duped into this situation by the lure of free time.

I will not describe the position further since they may someday see this somehow and I cant endanger my place of residence.

I know it seems a lame excuse but I have had to go back into therapy recently further taxing my non existent income.

These are not the things that I hoped to do with my life and I think the more places that I post or relate my intent to get on with my life and stop wasting my time keeping my word to a pack of people whose word means nothing might sure me to quicker action.

Ok I know that if you are reading this for my thoughts on something that I have read or listened to I am sorry but I have to start my escape somewhere and here seems a good place to get my start.....

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